Contact List

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Main Office
Ph: 405-672-6768
Email: T.J. Campbell Construction

Central Dispatch
Ph: 405-672-6800
Email: Central Dispatch

Name Position Phone
Arlen Halvorson President 405-672-6768 - Ext. 277
Matt Miller Controller 405-340-6026 - Ext. 103
Gregg Homan Contracts Administrator 405-672-6768 - Ext. 273
Donnie Dorn Estimating 405-672-6768 - Ext. 253
Marla Wambold Accounting 405-672-6768 - Ext. 260
James “Michael” Holt Central Dispatch Manager 405-672-6800
Dan Howe Central Dispatch 405-672-6800

Esequiel “Zeke” Cardenas

General Superintendent  

Adam Hodges

General Superintendent 405-672-6768 - Ext. 259

James “Steve” Danheim

Field Superintendent