Our Services

Campbell's Construction Division does all facets of paving. Our expertise includes soil stabilization, asphalt paving, concrete paving, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and pavement removal. Notable projects completed include: new construction of roadways in the Gaillardia sub division (site of the PGA Senior's Tour Championship), main runway replacement at Tinker AFB, and a 65,000 ton mill and overlay project in Midwest City.

The Asphalt Production Division includes two hot mix asphalt plants, one on Sunnylane Road in south Oklahoma City, the other north of Edmond on Waterloo Road. Our hot mix production undergoes strict quality control to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards. Additionally, each plant has its own trucking fleet to facilitate delivery.

Our Concrete Recycling Centers have the capacity to take old concrete and asphalt rubble and manufacture it into high quality aggregates which meet ODOT specifications. T.J. Campbell pioneered concrete crushing in Oklahoma City and remains the highest volume crushing operation in the metro. Our hard work helps keep the environment clean and reduces the need for blasting new stone from the earth. If you’re looking for a place to recycle your concrete or asphalt, feel free to give us a call.


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T.J. Campbell Construction performs both small and large scale earthwork projects including clearing and grubbing, excavation, precision GPS-controlled fine grading, and stabilization.

Our specialized processes include using state-of-the-art GPS integration and precision surveying to ensure materials are moved as expeditiously and efficiently as possible to keep project costs lower than our competitors.

Do you have a large, complex grading job? Give us a call!

Storm Sewer

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The key to quality infrastructure is drainage.

Our team can build any and all storm structures including simple inlets and grated street drains up to custom designed concrete pond weirs. We are capable of placing hundreds of feet per day of reinforced concrete pipe, corrugated metal pipe, and high-density polyethylene pipe. Our concrete crews can place precast or hand fabricated intricate end sections to meet the most demanding applications.

Reinforced Concrete Bridges

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T.J. Campbell Construction is capable of building reinforced concrete bridges of all sizes and complexity. Large, multi-phased bridges requiring three or more barrels are easily within our scope of work. These bridges require strict quality control to ensure they remain strong throughout their projected lifetime.

T.J. Campbell Construction has perfected the trades necessary to build the formwork and quality steel reinforcement needed for long-lasting bridges. Concrete pours using proper vibration ensure complete dispersion of the concrete by eliminating air voids and improving the strength of the finished structure.

We strive to remain in front of our competitors by researching the newest techniques and embracing new and proven technology to consistently produce quality projects with lower costs.

Concrete Structures

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Do you need custom Cast-In-Place structures for your project? T.J. Campbell Construction has the expertise to accurately estimate, plan, and complete your project on-time and to specifications.

Our capabilities include grated street drains, custom concrete weirs, cast-in-place junction boxes of all sizes, and concrete and mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls. Our crews enjoy the challenge of building large-scale projects.

Concrete Paving

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Concrete paving is meant to last for years and years.

T.J. Campbell Construction takes pride in quality craftsmanship while delivering beautiful concrete construction projects. We build dowel-jointed, deformed bar, and non-reinforced concrete roads and parking areas that rival the best in the nation.

Our concrete division has more than 100 years of combined experience between its crew members. If you would like to see examples of our work, please contact our estimating department or check out our online photo gallery.

Asphalt Paving

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We not only sell and deliver high quality asphalt to local paving companies, but we also use our own state-of-the-art paving equipment to build small parking lots, subdivisions, city streets, and Oklahoma Department of Transportation heavy highways.

Our focus from the beginning has been to provide the best asphalt pavement possible using the latest equipment, safety trained personnel, and the latest techniques. Our strict quality control ensures asphalt densities are on-target and our mix conforms to exacting specifications.

Curb & Gutter

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Curbs add beauty and function to streets and parking areas. They allow separation of the street and surrounding vegetation and provide drainage channels that can withstand many years of watershed.

Our curb crews build precision curb lines and access points that are 100% ADA compliant using high tech machinery and by hand-forming ramps, sidewalks, and curb terminations. Our industry-leading workmanship has allowed us to become the first choice of premiere subdivision developers throughout central Oklahoma.

Asphalt Milling

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T.J. Campbell Construction employs two Wirtgen 2200 state-of-the art, high production milling machines to tackle the toughest milling jobs. Our crews have experience milling thousands of miles of city streets and highways in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

With the ability to mill 12.5 feet wide and up to 14 inches deep, our machines will make quick work of your asphalt removal project. The Wirtgen 2200 mill has strategically placed sonic sensors on all corners of the machine which allow the operators to perform precise cuts to control the slope of the finished roadway. This eliminates the need for costly string lines over many miles of roadway. For help estimating or to schedule your project, please give us a call.